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Mentoring, at its most basic level, reminds young people that someone cares about them, that they are not alone in dealing with day-to-day obstacles, and that they count. MaroChallenges offers full guidance and support from professionals to overcome major hurdles in your entrepreneurship journey. Since, quality mentoring relationships have been shown to have tremendous positive benefits on young people in a number of emotional, academic, and professional contexts, according to research. Mentoring, in the end, connects a young person to personal development, as well as social and economic opportunities. Despite this, one out of every three young individuals will grow up without this valuable asset.

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At MacroChallenges, we are glad to have, as part of our team, some of the best specialists in their fields with years and years of experience working to mentor, encourage, and advise employees, students, and employers.

Mentoring Employees

Being a reference and leading the way, step by step, for all employees to perform remarkably in their profession.

Advice & Consultancy for Employees & Companies

Providing the requisite advice for employees to help them take the right decision in their careers and offering fruitful consultancy for companies in any project or managerial issue.

Guiding Students

Giving orientation sessions for students regarding the choice of major and universities based on their preferences, grades and potential.

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Creative Collaboration

Creative collaboration is the process of working with others to achieve a common objective in a novel way is known as creative cooperation. MacroChallenges offers an effective and creative collaboration to push projects to the next level, allowing any team to become more productive with higher quality work through organisation and consistency.

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