What are the important rules for writing a resume?

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Resume writing is not going to be an easy task if you’re looking step in your career in a company that will set your future. If you can write a resume is a great way which will make the recruiters feel impressed, you are probably going to be the most preferred candidate. There are a few things that need to be kept in mind while writing a resume and these will be mentioned in this particular writing. Macrochallenges is a global recruitment consultancy providing recruitment service support for almost all major industry verticals and functional areas. It is a 360° Manpower Recruitment and HR Services Company and has helped several Startups, Pvt. Ltd, Public Ltd Companies, and Global Organization build great teams.

Let’s know some of the most important tips which can help in writing a great resume:

You have to keep the resume on one page

You must keep your resume on one page which will make it easy for the HR managers to look at the details on one page. Making the resume complicated surely gives a wrong impression and unless you are applying for a very top post like an executive or a partner, your one-page resume will surely be the best one.

You have to avoid any grammatical or spelling error

That is the thing that most candidates need to keep in their mind because many candidates ignore this fact. If you make any spelling or grammar error, it is surely going to be the main point for anybody to notice. If there are recruiters who find any error regarding spelling or grammar, they will surely reject it. You shouldn’t make mistakes, especially in the common grammatical rules like tenses and you will be good to go ahead.

Send your resume in PDF format

This is important for you to notice because if you send your resume in other formats like Word format, your resume document may look different on other devices. If recruiters see your resume in Word format, the devices that they use may have different formatting and your resume may look different from what they may look on your devices. Therefore it becomes important for you to send your resume as a PDF file that will look the same on all the devices. The problem with the Word format is that it can look differently on a particular computer and it will have different fonts in types of formatting on a mobile device. 

Macrochallenges is the best career consultancy in New York delivering high levels of information security while prioritizing privacy for all parties involved, they motivate, support, and assist job searchers in finding the ideal employment that matches their abilities, as well as employers in finding the right applicant for the job.

You need to label your resume file in a correct way

Many people have random or generic file names and there can be confusion for the recruiters to choose different types of files with the names. It is important to keep the file names simple so that the recruiters can understand the type of files they need to find later on. You can go through the file name either with the first or the last name and you can also write ‘resume’ after that. Making the names complicated will surely make the recruiters confused and they would never like to see the resume again and again. Therefore it becomes very important for you to keep the fine names very clear and in simple words rather than preparing them with some complicated names and letters along with numbers.

Formatting structure should be logical

If your formatting structure is logical, your resume is surely going to make a good impact on the recruiters. You have to understand that you are mentioning the details year-wise so that there can be a good chronological order which will make sure that your achievements are according to the years and they are in a good way to read for anybody. Whether it is related to information or years of any achievement, a logical structure is always going to be beneficial.

An easy-to-read resume is the best

If your resume is not complicated with so many difficult words, it is going to be the best for a recruiter to understand it. Making the resume difficult for anybody to read will surely give a wrong impression and you won’t be able to make it impactful for anybody.

Your resume should be visually appealing

It has always been said that it just takes 6 seconds for the recruiters to look at the resume and go with the decision as to whether there should be the next round for a particular candidate or not. You need to make a resume so appealing visually that hiring managers can just feel impressed to call the candidates for further processes.


All the mentioned points given above are important to make a particular resume great in terms of quality. It is also important to notice that if the resume is not complete in the format, it is also not going to be a good resume. Macrochallenges being a resume writing consultancy understands the need to have a perfect resume to showcase your strength in a progressive presentation. We believe that your resume acts as a bridge between you and the prospective recruiter. We believe that your resume should have a structured and concise presentation to make the first impression work for you.

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