Tips for International Students to Avoid Scams

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There are lots of scams that are present in the world and most of them are targeted at students, particularly those who want to go abroad for their further studies and settlement. 

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 It is undeniably true that lots of benefits can be found for the students who want to study abroad in terms of their career growth and financial status. Lots of scams have cropped up because students are being targeted as they can go through various options to get their visas and other things are done on time. Let’s know about the number of scams that are taking place and these scams are targeted at international students.

Visa Phone scam is everywhere

This is really one of the most common scams and international students have become the victims of this scam because various cases have been reported worldwide.

In this particular scam, the student receives a call and the person from the other side claims to be from immigration authorities or any educational agency.

Students are told about the problems in their immigration or visa documents and then they are asked to give their personal details so that the problem can be resolved. They may also ask for the fine in dollars and ask the students to transfer the money and they also make the students fearful by saying that if they do not do this, they will be reported and then deported at last.

 How to save yourself

  • If you are in this situation, you have to make sure that you do not give any personal information to the caller. You should also not confirm the information to the caller as they may misuse it.
  • You should always ignore the offers by not making the payments for any services.
  • If you get such calls to correct your visa or immigration documents, you should just hang up such calls immediately.

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Scams related to student’s accommodation

Students always have this concern to find safe, convenient, and affordable accommodation and for this, they keep finding good accommodation where they will be feeling comfortable all the time. Scammers know this situation and they always try to lure the students so that they may get the benefits.

What really happens in this scam?

The fraudulent landlord gives an advertisement online and students are lured by that advertisement and because of this, they make an inquiry for this. After they make an inquiry, the fraudulent landlord asks the students to deposit some money in their bank accounts. When it comes to showing the accommodation, the scammer says to the students that he is out of the country or city so he will not be available for a few days, and in this way, students lose their money.

How to save yourself in this situation?

  • You have to be wary of the rent and the location and you have to be careful who you are talking to.
  • You should never pay any deposit before looking at the property first and understanding the accommodation.
  • You should always check the contact details that you see in the advertisement and if you feel that there is any doubt in the contact details, you should never call on the number. 
  • You should always go through your institution’s reliable accommodation which will be better for you.

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 Scholarship scams

As far as the scams related to a scholarship are concerned, they are huge in numbers online as well as offline and many students become attracted to all such scams. Students have their requirements and they always look for those scholarships which can help them in their studies and rent. There are various agencies and scammers who advertise a fake scholarship program and they also offer a huge amount which can help the students complete their studies along with giving them good money for their daily expenditure. Such scholarships usually ask for payment in advance and they also promise that they would be giving good scholarships for the students to complete their studies in a great way.

What can you do to save yourself in this situation?

There are three very important factors that you need to look for if you’re going through any scholarship program and these three factors have been mentioned below:

Application fees: There are various universities and organizations that offer scholarships but they never ask for money in advance it is possible that online applications may have a very little fee for applying but overall there will be no high amount to pay for this scholarship. If you get a message which asks you to give a high amount to get a bigger scholarship, you should not fall into this trap otherwise you may end up losing your money.

Guaranteed scholarships:  If there are scholarships that are giving you a guarantee, they are surely trying to scam you and in this way, you will understand that scammers are behind you to get your money. You should always avoid such scholarships because genuine scholarships will never guarantee in any way.

Loan fees: If a scholarship program asks for a loan fee, you need to think that it will be fake because no scholarship comes with an extra fee.


If you see anything which can give suspicion, you as students must try to avoid those processes where you may be scammed. The scams related to international students are widespread and in this situation, they always need to be careful.

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