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“MacroChallenges” came as a result of years of observation in the field of human resources. The lack of resources and the existence of limitations led to the creation of a virtual online recruiting platform that combines thousands of people from different backgrounds, fields and majors with an infinite number of job offerings from varied business sectors and countries. The necessity to go international and cover more grounds was extremely crucial, in order to meet the requirements of the modern-day world to dictate more accessibility all over the spots of our world.

MacroChallenges views the world as a place full of potential and by looking at each human being as a person deserving a chance,and it believes in the potential of every single person and gives them hope and courage to achieve their dreams. Yes, everyone is worthy of a chance in life, and Macro Challenges have become a reality for all people seeking an opportunity to turn themselves into the person they wish to become.

At MacroChallenges, we take a people-focused approach, catering to the needs and expectations of our clients. We build and strengthen relationships that allow us to connect quality candidates from a wide age range (20-50+) with the best companies within a wide range of industries.

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Our mission is to provide high info security and prioritize privacy for everyone involved in our company. We motivate, encourage and help job seekers to find the perfect position that matches their potential and skills. We are the perfect job hunters responsible for finding the adequate candidate they are seeking. We promise to offer many tools, services, guidance, mentoring and consultancy in order to join the right people with the right position


Our vision is to empower the new generation by showing them their worth, helping them believe in themselves and in their future. We are designed for success and will achieve countless goals every time we help someone reach his incomplete mission. We work with internationalcompanies across a wide range of industries, ensuring the best positions and the best-qualified people to fit in them.

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